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Modern Painters Canvases


Modern Painters Professional Artists Canvases

The Modern Painters brand of art supplies was created for a simple reason: to provide an alternative to poor quality, off-the-shelf, linen and cotton canvases for artists.

As practicing artists, Modern Painters knows the importance of quality art supplies, and the difference a good linen or cotton canvas makes on the finished piece. They place a great deal of importance on the materials used to make their canvases. They also know that not all artists want to stretch their own canvases. That is why they offer a broad range of sizes—there is the perfect size available for any painting the artist imagines.

The Modern Painters pre-stretched canvases are available in three options:

Ready Made Cotton Canvas

This quality, hand-made artists cotton canvas is built using premium 10oz cotton duck canvas, double primed and stretched over mature Canadian Spruce Pine stretcher bars. Mature timbers result in a strong support, resistant to twisting and warping, giving a sturdy and archival artists canvas suitable for all media.

Ready Made Linen Canvas

Built with exceptional quality, these off-the-shelf canvases are hand made using 340 gsm triple primed fine linen. These canvases are also stretched over mature Canadian Spruce Pine stretcher bars.

Cotton Duck Canvas Boards

Their cotton duck canvas boards are hand-made using 5 & 10mm MDF board, making each one resistant to buckling. The MDF boards are coated with acid free glue sizing giving you an archival, long lasting artists canvas board suitable for all media. These panels are also ideal for encaustic work.

Modern Painters Giving Back

Core to their mission is the idea of supporting their community, and giving back. Modern Painters created a partnership with BIGhART, an arts and social change company which produces acclaimed performance, visual and media art while being a powerful driver of solutions to complex social problems. Modern Painters gives a percentage of each sale directly to the organisation—see how much on the label of each canvas.

Please note: Freight costs may differ slightly to some regional areas. If this is the case we will contact you with an amended price. If you are concerned, please Contact Us for an accurate freight cost.

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