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Stretcher Bars & Bracing

Premium stretcher bars for your canvas

A properly stretched canvas provides the perfect medium for your artwork. And many artists prefer to stretch their canvases themselves as part of the creative process. If you are stretching your own canvases, the stretcher bar you use will directly impact the stability and durability of your art.

We offer Kiparra and Art Spectrum stretcher bars.

We also offer the stretcher bar tools you will need to properly stretch your canvas. Our selection of tools includes Holbein canvas pliers, and a range of Rapid staplers, staples, and staple removers—everything you need to stretch your own canvases.

Kiparra stretcher bars and braces

Using Kiparra bars means you can be confident of the quality of your finished artwork. These stretcher bars are made from finger joined laminated pine. This means that Kiparra bars are resistant to warping and twisting and are many times stronger than traditional pine bars. The profile of the bar has a depth of 32mm and a width of 60mm. Remember, you will need an “L” and a “U” brace to complete your Kiparra stretcher. If you are uncertain of what braces you need please contact us.

Art Spectrum stretcher bars and braces

The heavy duty Art Spectrum stretcher bars are especially suitable for lightly or non-framed work. These stretcher bars are made from specially selected, knot free, kiln-dried pine. Heavy duty single braces and cross braces add extra strength and stability to large canvas frames, and bracing slots are provided on all sizes from 48″ and above. Open-ended mortice and tenon corners make squaring-up easy to achieve and maintain.

Not sure whether the Kiparra or Art Spectrum stretcher bars are the right fit for your artwork? If you need help choosing the right stretcher bars for your artwork, call and our art experts will be happy to help you.

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