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Belgian Linen Rolls

Artisanal Belgian Linen Canvas Rolls for Creativity

Our Belgian linen canvas rolls stand as a testament to artistry and excellence in the realm of artistic materials. Renowned for its quality and unique characteristics, Belgian linen remains a preferred choice for Australian artists seeking the finest canvas for their masterpieces.

We offer primed and loomstate linen rolls from Flipts and Dobbels of Belgium. These linen rolls are coated with acrylic primer, oil primer and glue sizing. Experience durability and longevity with our Belgian linen canvas.

Why Choose Belgian Linen Canvas?

Linen is by nature stronger and more durable than cotton canvas, so for artists concerned about the longevity of their artwork, Belgian linen is a superb substrate.

  • Durable: Compared to cotton canvas, linen inherently offers superior strength, ensuring longevity for your artwork.
  • Preservation of Natural Oils: Retaining its natural oils, Belgian linen maintains fibre flexibility, preventing brittleness and ensuring a reliable painting surface.

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Why Choose The Sydney Canvas Company for Premium Belgian Linen Canvas Rolls?

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

Our commitment to providing artists with the absolute best extends to our Belgian linen canvas collection. We meticulously source our Belgian linen rolls from renowned manufacturers, ensuring that each roll meets our quality standards.

Diverse Range of Options

We recognise that each artist has unique preferences. That's why our Belgian linen rolls collection offers a wide range of options, from unprimed (loomstate) to primed rolls with various primer choices including acrylic, oil, and glue sizing.

Artistic Versatility Unleashed

Belgian linen canvas offers artists versatility. Its ability to hold textures, absorbency, and enduring quality make it ideal for various artistic styles and techniques.

Customer-Centric Experience

At The Sydney Canvas Company, your artistic journey is our priority. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the right Belgian linen canvas that aligns perfectly with your creative vision.

Priming Belgian Linen Canvas Materials

Though priming and stretching linen canvas may pose initial challenges. For your convenience, we offer pre-primed rolls and canvas stretching services.

  • Loomstate Linens: If opting for loomstate linens, priming becomes essential. Priming creates a protective barrier between paint and canvas, guarding against potential damage like moisture or mould.
  • Unprimed Canvas Advantages: Some artists prefer the vibrant texture of unprimed canvas.We suggest using primed canvas and painting on the reverse side for added protection while still enjoying the canvas’s raw texture.

Protective Varnishing: To safeguard your masterpiece, we highly recommend varnishing. This technique encapsulates the paint, shielding it from potential front-facing damage.

Belgian Linen Canvas Rolls FAQs

Unprimed Belgian linen canvas rolls, also known as loom state, come without any surface treatment, allowing artists to apply their preferred primer or prepare the surface according to their artistic requirements. Primed Belgian linen canvas rolls come pre-coated with various primers like acrylic or oil, offering different textures and absorbencies, saving artists time in preparation.

Yes, Belgian linen rolls cater to artists of all levels. Beginners can appreciate the durability and quality that supports their learning process, while professional artists value the superior surface texture and durability that Belgian linen offers, allowing them to create high-quality artwork.

Absolutely! Belgian linen rolls are versatile and suitable for various artistic techniques, including oil painting, acrylics, mixed media, and even traditional methods like egg tempera. The sturdy yet flexible nature of Belgian linen accommodates diverse artistic styles and applications.

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