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Our Materials

The finest materials, for the most beautiful finish

Our handpicked selection of canvas rolls are important for the discerning artist and suitable for all levels of art-making. As such, when we create a unique custom stretched canvas for you, we only use the finest materials available.

Superior hardwood stretcher bars

Made from laminated finger joined hardwood, which comes from certified sustainably grown Hardwood plantations, our range of stretcher bars are considered to be the strongest on the market. And, as they are highly resistant to twisting or warping, they offer the best possible support for your artwork.

Premium Cotton Duck Canvas

The overall finish of a painting relies heavily on the choice of canvas used. Using the finest cottons available, our Cotton Duck Canvas is grown in India, machine primed with archival acrylic gesso, makes it perfect for any media and manufactured to the exacting standards of The Sydney Canvas Company.

Depending on your requirements, we have a range of canvas weights to choose from:

8ozWoven using a loose 2:1 weave, which allows for a more economical canvas.
10ozWoven using a tight 2:1 weave, for a stronger, yet still economical canvas.
12ozWoven using a tight 2:2 weave making it a strong and high quality professional support.
15ozWoven using a tight 2:2 heavy weave, making it the strongest high quality professional support.

Strong, durable, affordable polyester cotton blend canvas

When combining polyester with cotton, the result is a stronger material, which is durable and affordable. Our poly-cotton canvas is made using 40% polyester and 60% cotton. The blend is woven in the yarn, not in the weave, allowing for perfectly even weft and warp threads. This results in an ultra smooth surface, and a sturdy material that can be stretched across large surfaces.

The finest European linen

We are also proud to stock a choice of outstanding linen products, woven by some of Europe’s finest linen makers.

Libeco – since the 1850s, Libeco from Belgium have weaved the most exquisite loomstate, or unprimed, linen canvas for artists. As Masters of Linen, they weave the fabric using the longest natural threads, under strict supervision and in the finest time-honoured tradition.

Belle Arti – primed linen and cottons from Italy offer the finest, most affordable quality primed linens and cottons on the market. Belle Arti supply a choice of weights and textured weaves from fine to coarse, and a choice of hand or machine primed finishes using universal or oil primer.

Universal primer allows for a variety of painting mediums to be used on a surface that has properties of medium absorbency. Oil primed canvases produce a rich oily surface with excellent adhesion qualities.