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Find Your Perfect Canvas: Shop Our Range of Rolls

Aspiring artist, seasoned professional, or somewhere in between? We see you, and we’re here to fuel your passion with the finest canvas rolls in Australia. Welcome to The Sydney Canvas Company, your one-stop shop for everything canvas rolls.

Every masterpiece starts with a blank canvas. Let The Sydney Canvas Company be your partner in turning that blankness into a vibrant expression of your artistic soul. Start your journey today!

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Shop High-Quality Canvas Rolls for Every Project

Belgian Linen Rolls™

Elevate your art with our Belgian Linen Rolls™ from Flipts & Dobbels, renowned for their quality and texture, these rolls offer a luxurious canvas surface for your creations. We offer primed and loomstate linen rolls from Flipts and Dobbels of Belgium.

  • Loomstate Linen Rolls
  • Primed Linen Rolls

Cotton & Polyester Rolls

Explore our collection of Cotton & Polyester Rolls. These rolls combine the natural feel of cotton with the durability of polyester. Ideal for a wide range of artistic projects, our cotton and polyester blends provide a smooth surface for painting, printing, and crafting.

  • Primed Cotton Duck Canvas Rolls
  • Polyester & Polyester-Cotton Canvas Rolls
  • Unprimed Cotton Duck Canvas Rolls

Italian Linen Rolls

Discover our premium Belle Arti Italian Linen Rolls. These primed linens sourced directly from Italy are among the finest available. Offering a variety of weights and textures, they cater to diverse preferences and needs.

  • Loomstate rolls
  • Primed Rolls

Why Choose The Sydney Canvas Company For Canvas Rolls?

Unmatched Quality

We source superior canvas rolls in Australia and around the world, ensuring that each roll meets the standards of all artists. Our commitment lies in providing materials of integrity and durability.

Extensive Selection

With a diverse range of canvas rolls available, we offer options to suit every style and project. Whether you prefer Belgian linen, Italian linen, or cotton/polyester blends, we have the perfect roll.

Budget-friendly rolls

We strive to offer competitive prices on all our canvas rolls. We believe that high-quality materials should be accessible to all artists, which is why we provide exceptional value without sacrificing quality.

Expertise and Support

Our team is dedicated to providing customer service and support. Whether you have questions about our products, need assistance with your purchase, or require advice on your projects, we're here to help.

Explore a Variety of Canvas Rolls for Artists & Hobbyists

Explore our range in our collection of canvas rolls and uncover the characteristics of cotton, linen, and polyester fabrics.

Cotton Canvas Rolls

Known for their softness and versatility, cotton canvas rolls offer a smooth surface that’s perfect for a wide range of techniques. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned artists, cotton canvas provides excellent absorbency and allows colours to blend seamlessly.

Linen Canvas Rolls

Linen canvas rolls are a favourite among professional artists. Made from flax fibres, linen canvas offers a distinct texture and a more rigid surface compared to cotton. It’s well-suited for detailed work and lends a classic, timeless look to your artwork.

Polyester Canvas Rolls

Polyester fibres provide added strength and resistance to moisture With a smooth surface and minimal shrinkage, polyester canvas offers reliable performance to all artists alike.

Canvas Rolls FAQs

Canvas is a durable material commonly used for various applications such as painting. It's woven from cotton, linen, or synthetic fibres, offering strength and versatility.

When selecting a canvas roll, consider factors such as the intended use, surface texture, and painting technique. For instance, if you're working with oils, a primed canvas roll may be ideal, while acrylic painters might prefer an unprimed surface for more absorbency.

Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the size of your order. We strive to process and dispatch orders promptly, with delivery typically within a few business days. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our friendly customer support team. We're here to help!

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