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Timber Update

Timber Update

The world’s ability to supply and manufacture timber was hit heavily by the pandemic and is only now showing signs of getting back online. Earlier this year the manufacturer of our hardwood range of bars suffered significant blows resulting in their closure and loss of more than 300 jobs. We ran out of our hardwood bars in March and had to substitute them with pine, hoping the shortage wouldn’t last long. It’s been very difficult to get the right quality timber to make our stretcher bars, this has been experienced right across our industry. You may have heard about this in relation to the building industry. We’ve worked hard to get the best we could and hopefully soon things will get back to normal and we can get back to using sustainable poplar.

Since writing this, it looks like production of hardwood is slowly returning and we anticipate having our first-class hardwood products back in stock mid next year. We’ve just received our first shipment of double laminated and finger joined hoop pine which is of excellent quality.

Custom Canvas Guarantee

We guarantee our custom stretched canvases under normal use and proper care. We’ll always aim to fix our canvases for free if you have a problem with it. Just tell us. Canvases are made from natural products that move with climate changes so expect your canvas to tighten and loosen. This is more obvious with big canvases.

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